10 Reasons Why You Should Want to Go Camping Right Now

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You need a break. Can you smell the trees? The fresh air? Don’t you think you need a good trail hike to give you some much-needed stress relief? Whatever your reason, you can bet this article, 10 Reasons Why You Should Want to Go Camping Right Now, covers one of the many excuses for you to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Everyone enjoys a good camping trip, but why exactly though? This piece has got you covered.

Let’s get started.

1. Escape Your Hectic Day-to-Day Routine

Work demands us to get up at 6:00 AM and return home in traffic, often at 6:00 PM, but more too often later. It is a soul destroyer to say the least. Inching forward through rush hour is bound to gnaw and chip away at anyone’s sanity. When you have to deal with rude customers or rude people in general, you want to let loose all the negative energy and feel different for a change.

On a camping trip, you get away from all that. You put your mind, body, and soul in a different place. You calm down.

2. Did Someone Say High Quality Family Time?

With our day to day lives, it can be difficult to make the time for us to connect with one another. Works beckons us to keep staying late. Family relationships suffer. If you go camping though, you will be with your siblings, spouse, or cousins 24/7 for a time. You will have to get used to sleeping next to them for the next few days. If you want to stop tearing at each other’s throats from all the stress you have been going through, then you will have to slow down.

If you have not had the time for each other, well now you do. You can rekindle your relationships and develop deeper connections. As the cold air creeps in, you can all huddle up together around the campfire.

3. Learn New Skills

You will learn how to set up a tent, build a campfire, fend off the mosquitoes, live in the moment, and much, much more. If you have children, then this will be a splendid opportunity for them to learn how to deal with the absence of stimuli, in other words, technology. They will have to learn how to deal with the absence of constant attention grabbing devices.

It takes a handy helping hand to set up a tent. The same goes for learning to live with the silence and your inner thoughts.

4. Your Brain Needs the Quiet Time

Today’s world is hyper technological, full of people, demanding, noisy, and rowdy. It grabs hold of our attention and pulls it from one news headline to a brand new game at the App Store to our weird relative’s Facebook post all in the manner of a minute. It is stressful.

When you do not have technology, news, or anything else ‘click baity’ to grab a hold of you, your brain breathes a sigh of relief. It can now relax and recover. It is forced to think about the positive things you see right now, like friends, family, nature, and fresh air.

5. Camping Enables You to Reconnect with Nature

All of us need more love in our lives. One of the ways to get that is through nature. Trees have a way of causing us to reflect and slow down. Empty space helps us to appreciate what really matters in life. As a person, you need greenery. There is no way around it.

In my bedroom in Santa Cruz for example, I have a small, potted jade plant. It is not the most awe-inspiring plant, but I enjoy it. When I look at it for a few minutes or so, I feel much calmer. In nature on a camping trip, you get the same feeling, but all the time and a lot of it. Doesn’t the feeling sound magical? You feel better after looking at a bunch of plants for a bit. Even if you are not much of an outdoors person, you will feel better after looking at plants. I guarantee it.

6. You Need a Break from Technology

You cannot go a day without a piece of technology going through your hands. MacBooks, televisions, cell phones, car honking, street lights, laptops, kindles, and radio all exhaust the brain. At the end of the day (unless, like many, you are a bedtime smart phone addict), your brain is wired and finds it hard to sleep. When you wake up again in the morning, you are groggy only to then reach for your smart phone and scroll through the lives of others. Ah! This is not good.

Fortunately on a camping trip though, you do not have outlets to charge your phone and internet access to keep you up to date with the latest antics in Washington DC. You can breathe a sigh of relief and slow down for a change.

7. You Do Not Need to Make it a Long Vacation

You will feel more than relaxed after a weekend of camping. People assume camping is only one of those rare three day weekends or a week or more. You can go on a camping trip this coming weekend. Yes you can! It might take some pre-packing and pre-planning on Thursday night and leaving early from work on Friday, but you can totally do it.

You can get away now and rest, recover, and relax.

8. It’s the Perfect Vacation for Your Dog

Dogs love the outdoors. The vast majority of campsites allow you to bring your dog along with you. You do not even need to let your neighbor’s son take care of the dog for $20/night (and not too well I might add) for you to enjoy the outdoors. Nature and you are your dog’s babysitter this time.

9. Camping is Completely Affordable

It does not take much to go on a camping trip. You will need to pay a campsite fee for you to park your tent outside, but it does not cost all too much. It is a lot less expensive than spending a few nights at any name-brand hotel. Because you are bringing your own food along with you, you will not only be eating healthier, but you will also be saving money. Home cooked meals are, 90% of the time, healthier than what you get when you eat out for your wallet and your body.

Camping is inexpensive.

10. Food Tastes Better in the Fresh Air

On a camping trip, you cook as our ancestors once did, out in the open, out in the fresh air. Roasted vegetables are a delight like no other. Barbecue chicken is appetizing to the taste buds. Fresh air adds flavor to the meal. Because you have no microwave and you have to cook everything yourself, the food tastes better. It is not instant, but made with care and attention.

Who doesn’t like the idea of glancing up at the sky in wonder every now and again while you cook?

Are You Looking to Sit Down and Relax?

Your butt deserves a break. It might seem nice and inexpensive to sit on a log by the campfire, but the experience can really wear down your rear end. If you want to find the perfect camping chair for you, then I suggest you check out one of my previous articles, The Best Lightweight Folding Camping Chairs of 2019 (do not fret if it is 2045 and we don’t have flying cars yet and this article still reads ‘2019’ too. I update these articles on an annual basis :)). Check it out and take a load off. You need it.

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If you have any thoughts, questions, or think I missed anything, do not hesitate to comment below and please share the article. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

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  1. Hi Alex, great article. Really made me stop and think about what is important in life. The chance to escape the everyday for a while and get back in touch with nature, making time for the family.

    Thank you.

    1. I appreciate the compliment Justin. It is good to know this article has made you reflect on what matters in life.

      Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

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