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Across many organizations, you can find a mission statement. My Camping and Hiking Tips is no different. Originally, I was not going to make one, but then I did a recent piece about the top 10 environmental organizations. Each group has a mission statement and a deep passion for the outdoors. I think that the times necessitate action, so I have decided to create one for my organization (even though it is small but ambitious!)

If you are looking for a similar article, check out the About Alex page. There you can learn about me, Alex, the principal author for all the articles you read here. Down the line, I hope to hire additional writers, so I can address more concerns and issues when enjoying the outdoors, but that is an article for another time. There are a lot of other future plans.

Mission Statement

The mission of My Camping and Hiking Tips is to prepare anyone to enjoy nature’s outdoors for its appreciation and protection. Each key word will now be explained.


What do I mean by prepare? Ideally, once you have read the articles here, you will have the wherewithal to make it outside on your own. If it means going back and forth in a comment thread answering all your questions for hours on end or the same for an email chain until everything is clear, you will get all your questions answered.


When I say anyone, I do mean anyone. No matter your size, age, gender, race, ethnicity, affiliation, or identity, My Camping and Hiking Tips will prepare anyone from beginner to expert to step foot into the wild. When you take a step outdoors, you embark on a magical journey, one full of cooling breezes and softening silence.


People often get pleasure and enjoy confused, swapping one for the other. Pleasure is, often times, unfulfilling, failing to feed your soul. With enjoyment though, it completes you, satisfying and expanding your mind. If you spend some time outdoors, you experience fulfillment. The world extends before you after a deep hike.


Nature is all around us. You and I are inescapable from it. Every move we make impacts nature. There was never a barrier. As a consequence, we must be careful with every step we take. Wherever a living thing sleeps, nature is there, ever present in our day to day lives.


When I say the outdoors, you are not just restricted to national and state parks, but just outside your home. Let me elaborate. Even if you are just taking a stroll through your neighborhood, that is the outdoors. If you take care of plants in and around your home, that is also the outdoors. It can be small and big. The point is that people get started even if it is only a small step.


If you appreciate something, you use it responsibly, meaning that you use it in appropriate fashion. When outdoors, you use leave no trace principles. Also, you learn and keep your distance. When you look at an incredible view, you breathe in deep, attempting to understand the sheer magnitude of beauty before you.


The world needs your help. Climate change beats down on people across the world, depriving them of food and forcing people off their homelands. The global pollution epidemic toxifies the air, asphyxiating lungs and heating up the planet. In short, the world is in trouble. My Camping and Hiking Tips will help reverse that trend.

I am a millennial. My generation faces environmental catastrophes that were only dreamed up in science fiction. They are now here and there is no turning back. We must address them or else we will die. Through our careful efforts, positive change can be made.

Vision Statement

Before writing this article, I did not really understand the difference between a mission and vision statement. Whereas the former deals with present, actionable goals, the latter is an aspiration, a dream for the future. As time goes on, this vision statement will be updated. Because the future cannot be predicted, expectations will shift along with this vision statement. With that in mind, My Camping and Hiking Tip’s vision statement is in ten years, motivate 100 million Americans to step into Nature’s outdoors for its appreciation and protection once a day.
Each key word will now be explained.

Ten Years

I selected ten years as opposed to a shorter amount of time because since the number of people is an audacious goal. It is quite large. Ten years gives enough time for this site to grow and develop. That is a time frame in which this goal can be achieved. Once the ball gets rolling, I have no doubt this website will really take off.


What do I mean by motivate? Well, each article of My Camping and Hiking Tips will embed a small idea in each of its readers, “get outside.” Once someone has experienced the outdoors for even a bit, they will want to do it on a regular basis. That is what I mean by motivate.

100 Million Americans

In short, this number is achievable, making it quite realistic. It is also an easy number to remember as well, 100 million. While the number is very large, the ambitions of this site will make it so. To measure 100 million, I will count it as the number of visitors to this site in total at the end of ten years.


When I consider a step outdoors into nature, I think of at least five minutes pondering and exploring the world just outside your front door. In fact, five minutes is all you need to raise your self-esteem and mood according to a 2010 study. You feel the sun on your face and the breeze cool your spirit. Not all days will be pretty, but a small step is meant to remind you of the real world, where the environment fully awakens your spirit.

Nature, Outdoors, Appreciation, and Protection

For these words, they have the same meaning as those in the mission statement.

Once a Day

Like I said earlier, a step is not that much, only about five minutes of conscientious time outdoors. You and I can make the time to be outside for that long. It can be in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night, so long as it is once a day and you are present, focusing only on what it means to be outside and enjoying the natural environment around you.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it, here is the mission and vision statements for My Camping and Hiking Tips. Over time, the mission and vision statements may change. You can count on one thing though. My Camping and Hiking Tips will continue to serve you, giving you the knowledge you need to enjoy the outdoors. Let’s go hiking together.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or think I missed anything, do not hesitate to comment below and please do share this article. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

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