How to Make Tent Camping Comfortable: a Tips and Advice Guide

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Sometimes it is all not too comfortable to sleep outdoors. Unlike a house, a tent does not have thick walls to keep you warm. On a particularly cold night, it can feel like Mother Nature has wiggled their icy paws inside. If you have not planned your meals with care, then the lack of food can make anyone grumpy. Fortunately for you though, it does not have to be like this. This article, How to Make Tent Camping Comfortable: a Tips and Advice Guide, is here to help.

As we will see in this article, proper gear, high quality sleep, your routine, and some helpful tips are essential to camping comfortably to energize you.

Let’s get started.

The Right Gear is Crucial

As my Dad used to say, “a handyman is only as good as the tools he carries with him.” The same principle applies to camping. A bad air mattress or sleeping bag will want to make even the most seasoned camper stop camping all together.

My suggestion is, if you have the money, then glamping is the way to go. When you have high quality gear, you get high quality results. Everything flows. If you do not have much money or on a budget, then glamping is not an option. It is too expensive. The question is then how do you can you be comfortable on the cheap?

The first step is to buy carefully. For the vast majority of people, a high quality sleeping bag, proper pillows, sleeping mask to block out the sun, and pad/mattress will do the trick. Along with some ear plugs, the sounds of your neighbor late at night won’t be bothering you.

When it comes to choosing sleeping bags, you want to get one which is suited for the conditions you will be camping in. For the desert camper, a high temperature rated sleeping bag is not going to work. It can get cold at night in the desert, but not too cold. Unless I am backpacking, I prefer to bring the pillow I have from home. My head is used to it, so my neck will be fine.

For the glampers though, you can, of course, go all out with your gear. Items like solar-powered outdoor lights, carpet sandals, night lights, clean sheets, fuzzy slippers, and related items will be sure to keep you comfortable throughout the long days and dark nights.

Bed Time Routines Impact Your Sleep

You only fall asleep as fast as the bedtime routine you follow. If you want to be in touch with your body, then you need to follow the routine you follow at home. Camping, then, won’t come as a shock to your body.

To fall asleep fast, I recommend a relaxing, decaffeinated tea, nothing like Earl Grey to wake you up but something soothing to the taste buds like Chamomile. You also should eat your heaviest, carb-loaded meal then. Heavy meals help you fall asleep. If you have ever wanted to take an afternoon siesta after a big lunch, then you know what I am talking about. This time you are having your big meal at the end of the day.

Be sure to stretch your body before hitting the sack to put you in a relaxed state. If your body is calm, you are calm. Massage your muscles. Do the runner’s stretch. Shake out your legs. Do circles around your eyes with your fingers. We neglect our bodies all too often and it responds with aches and moans too early in life. Your body deserves care and attention. When you sleep in fresh clothes, you relax your body. If you sleep in your dirty, day time clothes, then you are still thinking about the struggles of the day.

Also, pee before you go to bed. It helps to keep the heat inside and your bladder is less likely to wake you up in the night. You sleep for longer.

Another excellent idea is to boil some water, pour it into a bottle, and then sleep with the bottle to warm you up. Trust me on this one. You will feel nice and cozy. The cold weather will not feel so bad.

How to Be Comfortable in the Day Time

80% of the time, your bed time routine and sleep patterns affect how comfortable you are going to be, but what about the rest of the day? What should you do when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet? Hmm…

First off, you should eat well and nutritiously to give you the energy you need. You only have as much energy as the high quality food you eat. Be sure to pack along the occasional sweet. You are on vacation after all. My personal favorite is Dove chocolate. It is delicious and creamy.

Second, not-to-dos are just as important as to-dos. In other words, get off the electronics and into the presence of nature. Remove modern-day stresses. Get off the grid and disconnect from the internet. If you wake up, check your email, jump onto the news, and then head on over to Facebook, you are not going to relax. You are going to stress the *insert expletive here* out. No one wants that. A key aspect of camping is living in the moment. When you do so, you give your mind the space it needs to recover.

My Top 5 Tips for Success

1. Place Your Campsite in the Right Location.

You won’t sleep as well, to be frank, if you are next to the loudmouths. Why hasn’t the ranger come by yet? No one knows, but we do know they are keeping you up at night. If you have control over your campsite, then move your tent far away from them.

Also, hard, rocky terrain can take a toll on your back. It is a back breaker. You might save space to forget the sleeping pad and mattress, but your back will be worse off because of it.

If you want to stay extra warm, center your campsite around a campfire. The heat will emanate into your tent. Just be careful to not place your tent too close. You do not want to wake up in the middle of the night with a fire burning all around you.

2. Stay Calm.

If you focus all your energy on trying to fall asleep and relaxing, you won’t fall asleep all that fast. It is kind of counter intuitive. You should instead relax. You relax when you do not think about it. Body and mind become one. Set up the conditions for relaxation and your brain will take the message. Your mind knows what to do when you give it some visual hints.

3. Fend off the Mosquitoes and Other Pests.

It’s hard to fall asleep with a million mosquitoes on you. I usually do not bring bug spray along with me because I can suffer throughout the day and be fine, but I cannot stand them in the night. To keep them away, I always zip up my tent when I leave it for the day. Nothing is inside to attract them. If you want something natural to keep them away, Neem oil works like a charm.

4. Warm Up Your Sleeping Bag Beforehand.

Because your tent walls have no insulation, your sleeping bag can get quite cold before you even set foot inside of it. Like I said earlier, you can place a hot water bottle inside to warm it up. I also suggest you roll up your sleeping bag and place it by the fire. The heat will warm it up.

5. Pay Attention to the Details.

When it comes to comfort, details matter. If you have ever seen Parks and Recreation (a very funny show you should check it out :)), then you may have heard of ‘Treat Yo Self’ Day. From the carpeted slippers to the hot cocoa by the fire to snuggling with significant other (SO), you do not have to drop a lot of money to ‘treat yo self’ while camping.

Are You Looking for to Sit More Comfortably?

You should be all set to go. There are plenty of ways to take care of yourself and relax. By going on a camping trip into nature, you have already won half the battle. Nature is bound to make you calm down and put your mind at ease.

You will be more comfortable at the end of the day if your butt is taken care of. It is essential. A log does not have the cushion you need. If you want to be more comfortable, then you should check out one of my previous articles, The Best Lightweight Folding Camping Chairs of 2019. (Do not fret if it is 2035 and this still reads 2019. I update these articles on an annual basis in accordance with new trends :)). You and your butt deserve to be taken care of.

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If you have any thoughts, questions, or think I missed anything, do not hesitate to comment below and please share the article. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

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