The Importance of Connecting with Nature in Everyday Life

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Most of the time, we spend our days in human made structures, like a school, at home, or on the streets. There is not really any time to experience the wonders of nature. As a result, stress levels rise and we run into trouble. Life becomes unbalanced as it all focuses on ambitions and the ego’s wants. It is a pain. This article looks at The Importance of Connecting with Nature in Everyday Life and the ways you can do so right now.

Let’s get started.

Humans are a Part of Nature

People like to make the distinction of themselves as a higher being, separate from all the other animals around them. In reality though, people are every bit a part of nature. We are animals whether we like it or not. To a certain degree, we need what animals need. We need to get outside and breathe the fresh air, to feel the sun our faces, and experience the wind at our backs.

There is no way around it. Before people became civilized, they spent a lot of time outdoors because, well, there was no civilization to speak of. To survive, people had to be part of nature to survive, adapting to the winds of fate and molding themselves to all that was thrown at them.

We need nature. Nature does not need us.

Increase Your Own Personal Well-Being

When you get outside on a regular basis, you experience a number of important benefits. These include increased creativity, physical health, emotional control, and decreased anxiety.

If you spend your days looking up at the night sky and wondering about life, your creativity rises. In fact, studies suggest high ceilings increase creativity. So why not put yourself into the highest ceiling of them all? Nature.

If you go hiking outdoors, you exercise your muscles, strengthening your legs from the hills and valleys and working your back muscles from the pack you carry. You also increase your breathing capacity. When you go back home to where you live, you will have more energy and motivation. Daily life at school, work, or with family seems not so bad by comparison.

You see the bigger picture. The mountain air calms you down. You can take a breath with greater appreciation.

When I look up at the sky, I think about how Earth is a big rock floating in space (sorry flat earthers) and the only reason we are not sucked into the vacuum of the unknown is because of gravity. We are lucky to be where we are.

When I look at the redwoods at UCSC, I calm down and breathe a sigh of relief. Life is not so bad after all. If this tree can make it for a 100 years and turn out fine, I can do so too. A redwood is like a friendly grandma; they calm you down and bring you cookies, helping you to slow down and appreciate the little things.

Help Others by Helping Yourself to Nature

Time spent outdoors is connected to more pro social behavior. Because of your greater well-being from time spent outdoors, you become a calmer, more level-headed person. Because you saw a bigger perspective, you can return down to everyday life and focus on the tasks at hand with greater appreciation of the wider world. People will like you better.

If you spend time outdoors in nature on a regular basis, you will be happier. I guarantee it.

5 Ways to Connect with Nature Right Now

You might be thinking now that getting out and into nature is all fine and dandy, but how do you do it when you’re working 60 hours a week? What if I am in school and working nights? When can I find the time if I am always cooking for my kids? Those are valid points. It is a hassle to set aside the time and find the space for nature in daily life. It is a struggle. You can find five easy ways below.

1. Get into a Green Space Outside.

You might live near a park or your apartment complex has a small bench with a pretty tree in front of it. If it is living and green, then it helps to form part of a green space. You can buy a houseplant. Right now I have a succulent. If you often forget to water and do not get much sunlight, then you have found the plant to forget about, the succulent. They are built to last and hold up even when you forget about them. A cactus also works well.

If you look at a tree walking to work from the car you just parked, then that works too. Be creative where you can find greenery. Nature permeates our everyday lives without us even realizing it.

2. Search for the Silence and Introspection.

I have found nature to be much more enjoyable and calming in a silent place, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is stressful to hear cars rushing by, train horns blowing, airplanes whirring overhead, and people yelling at each other across the street. It adds up and pounds at your head, causing migranes and headaches.

Public parks are excellent places to find nature. They were specifically designed for just that purpose and are often away from noise pollution. The trees and greenery absorb the sound as it reverberates throughout the area. When you are in a silent place, you give your mind a mental break. It can now think in peace, free of the constant stimuli and distractions which pollute your senses.

3. Write Down 3 Ways You Felt Connected to Nature Today.

Gratitude. When you do this, you experience gratitude. It not so much gets you out and into nature as it helps you to realize how much nature is already around us. It might be the temperature of the day or the wind that sent chills down your spine. There are all manner of signals nature sends to us which alert us to its presence. You just have to keep a keen ear about you and listen.

4. Find a Friend and Get into Nature Together.

When you are in nature with a friend, lover, or sibling, you experience nature together. The sun beats down on you and both of you feel the same heat. If the wind sends you shivering in search of a coat, you can bet your buddy felt it too. You are also safer. By being in nature together, you both connect on a deeper level. By both realizing the vastness of the world, you can see how minuscule problems seem to be.

5. Look up at the Sky.

This is one of my favorite activities. I just love it. My Kenyan professor used to say, “in America I can go a whole year without looking up at the sky; in Kenya I do it every day.” When you look up at the sky, you realize how big the world is. Problems seem a lot smaller by comparison. The sky is big and it is all one. It is huge. You realize the infinity of the universe and depth of the world around you.

If You Are Going to Head Outside, You’ll Need a Backpack

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If you have any thoughts, questions, or think I missed anything, do not hesitate to comment below and please share the article. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

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