Cpap Machine Camping – How to Camp with Sleep Apnea

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Just because you have a little trouble breathing at night does not mean you should not be able to enjoy the outdoors. My Dad has a cpap machine and he always lugs it around wherever he goes. If it were not for his machine, I would be really worried about him. When heading outdoors, you should not have to worry either. You will find this guide, cpap Machine Camping – How to Camp with Sleep Apnea, especially helpful.

In a previous article, I gave you 10 Inspirational Camping and Hiking Quotes and Photos. If you think that just because you have sleep apnea that you cannot get outside, that is just plain baloney. Everyone has the capability to get outside and enjoy nature for all its splendor. The article will be sure to give you some motivation to get you off your feet. Either way, let’s jump right on into it this article.

==> I Want to Get Some Outdoor Motivation <==

5 Tips and Tricks for Cpap Camping

1. Bring along Some Extension Cords.

When camping, you are probably going to be farther away from your outlet than you normally would be at home, so some extension cords will be sure to help you out with that. They give you the extra length you need without compromising the scenic beauty of the outdoors you are visiting.

2. You Can Blow up an Air Mattress with Your cpap Machine.

I have not tried this one out myself, but apparently you can blow up an air mattress with a cpap machine as I found out in my research. That is a new one for me. I will have to borrow my Dad’s machine to try it out. When you do this though, do so at your own risk. Cpap machines are meant to help your breathing, not blow up air mattresses. At the same time, you can be sure to save on space if it ends up working.

3. Provent Therapy is a Natural Alternative for Sleep Apnea.

Provent therapy is a good option if you are planning a backpacking trip or a thru hike. You can pack a five-day supply or however long you need into your backpack and hit the trail. You do need a prescription though. It works by application to the nostrils, requiring no mask or machine. It works across all levels of sleep apnea. And compared to the other options I will talk about, it is very travel friendly, helping to reduce the load you carry.

4. The Right Campsite Makes a Difference.

Not all campsites are created equally. That is just the way it is. Many campsites, though, will offer the outlets you need to charge your cpap machine. Either way, you need to do your research beforehand. Is there electricity where I will be able to charge my machine? Or will I have to charge it myself? How far am I going to be from my car? You should also talk to a ranger about it before heading out. They will help you in your research to make your camping experience amenable to your needs.

5. Rent all the cpap Gear You Need.

A lot of the gear I discuss is not covered by insurance. You will likely have to pay for all the extras you need out-of-pocket. There is another option though. Just like camping gear, a travel cpap machine and all the other essentials can be rented. You can use your own cpap machine, but it is likely heavier and just designed for home use, not all the rigors and challenges of camping. lets you rent the gear you need for your outdoor adventure.

What about my Insurance?

Depending on your insurance provider, you may or may not be paying out-of-pocket. Most likely, you will have to pay for everything you need yourself. If you have excellent insurance, then you have the good fortune of them paying for everything that you will need. A phone call to your insurance provider will be sure to help you resolve all your questions about payment.

Two Options – Battery Powered or Plugged In

When camping with your cpap machine, you really have two options. You can go off the grid with a battery pack or hook up to some electricity.

Battery Packs and Car Batteries – Two Ways to Charge Your cpap Machine

If the campsite does not allow it because of its design or you want to get further off the grid, then bringing your own battery pack will make a world of a difference. For cpap machines, your best bet is to find one on Amazon. Many of them run from $279 and upwards, lasting for 30 hours or more.

Either one of these will work with a cpap machine: ResMed Power Station II (for S9, AirStart 10, AirSense 10, and AirCurve 10), Z1 PowerShell and battery, Somnetics Transcend Multi-Night Battery, Respironics Travel Battery Kit, and the DreamStation Go Overnight CPAP Battery Pack. Before you purchase one of these, double check to make sure the battery configures with your cpap machine. It can be a hassle to return an item you just bought.

More than likely, you are driving to your campsite, whether with friends and/or family or by yourself. As a result, you can just hook up to your car battery. Be careful to not hook it up for too long though. You do not want to drain your car battery. You need to get out after spending such a splendid time outdoors. Watch the video below to learn how to charge up your cpap machine with a car and learn about another’s experience. They turned their cigarette lighter into a charger for their cpap machine, so let’s watch.

Power Generators, Solar, and Electric Campsites (RVs and Glamping) – Your Options to Plug In

One option is to bring along a power generator. There are miniature ones on the market, so they will not get too heavy. Be sure to remember to bring an adapter because not all generators will take the commonplace voltage. You will also need to bring some fuel, usually gasoline, along with you. It will probably take diesel or just your regular old gasoline. Check the packaging of the generator to make sure you are using the right fuel. If the generator is loud, earplugs will help you fall asleep in a pinch.

If you are in a sunny place, then solar is a splendid way to go. It can soak up all the sun to charge a battery and then power up your cpap machine in no time flat. The only downside is when the cloud cover rolls in. You cannot get much charge, so be sure to check the weather report before heading out there.

Also, remember to set your solar panels out in the sun. Even when camping, the day can get busy and you can forget about charging your cpap machine, so be sure to set out the solar each morning and then you can focus on enjoying the outdoors. Your best bet for solar is GoalZero. It is a company that markets products specifically designed solar products for camping and hiking.

The last option is to take the easy road, a luxury campsite with amenities, an RV, or glamping. Either one of these options will provide you with the outlet to charge up your cpap machine to relieve that sleep apnea. The downside is cost. This type of camping is more expensive. If it is not in your budget, it is not really an option. But as I said, there are many campsites where you can charge up your cpap machine. It goes a long way to do your research.

Cpap Machine Supplies You Will Be Sure to Need

Get a Cpap Machine that is Road Ready

Your home cpap machine is meant for just that, home. It is not designed to handle the rigors and vigors of a good old-fashioned camping trip. Fortunately though, you can be sure to find plenty of travel ready cpap machines online. When you have a portable cpap machine, you have the peace of mind to focus on camping. Your best options on travel ready cpap machines are the Z1 Auto by HDM, AirMini CPAP by ResMed, Sometics Transcend Auto miniCpap, and the DreamStation Go by Philips Respironics.

==> I Want to Take a Look at Portable Cpap Machines <==

A Proper Cpap Mask Needs to be Soft, Lightweight, and Easy to Disassemble

You will also need a good mask. Not all are created equally as they say. In general, you want a mask that is compatible, comfortable, and convenient. The three C’s sure make things easy to remember. It must be able to handle the right pressure setting. When traveling, you should have all the luxury of being at home. And lastly it needs to wiped down easily and daily because of your natural oils and sweat.

Cleaning Supplies, there is a lot of Dirt to be Found Camping

When camping, dirt and debris get everyone, reaching into our tents and spilling out onto the table. If you camp, you will get dirty at one point or another. There is no way around it for you or your cpap machine. It is bound to happen, but it is now only a matter of cleaning your gear. SoClean 2 Go is a splendid option for cleaning your cpap machine.

An Extra Filter Goes a Long Way

The unexpected happens. That is okay. It can get quite dusty outdoors. When on the trail, you will be bound to kick up dust and then it falls onto your gear, dirtying everything in sight. When sleeping at night, you should not be breathing in that same air, so a clean, extra filter will go a long way to helping you get the deep rest you need.

Final Thoughts to Send You on Your Way – Are You Ready?

Just because you are camping does not mean you should sacrifice high quality sleep. If you go camping, you may end up sleeping better because you are outdoors. Now that you have finished this article, I have one question. Are you ready? You do not experience life by spending all day at home. You need to get out and explore the world. Like in my previous articles where I included a link to, I have included a link to the National Park Service (NPS). If you click below, you can find some campgrounds near you. Take a deep breath and feed your inner Outdoor Adventurer today!

==> I Want to Get Outside This  Week <==

If you have any thoughts, questions, or think I missed anything, do not hesitate to comment below and please share the article. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

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10 Comments on “Cpap Machine Camping – How to Camp with Sleep Apnea”

  1. What a great idea to educate people on CPAP camping! My sister has sleep apnea and tends to limit herself in what she ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ do. I’m sending her to your site. Thank you Alex!

    1. I appreciate the compliment. It is good to know your sister will benefit from this article Sue. Just because she has sleep apnea does not mean you and she cannot enjoy life.

      Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  2. Hi Alex!

    This post is great! My mother has sleep apnea and used to love camping. We camped all the time when I was a kid. But over the last 5 years since she was diagnosed with sleep apnea, it suddenly stopped happening for her. I beginning to wonder if she doesn’t know that there is an alternative to the CPAP machine with Provent therapy. That one really seems like the best way to go if it’s possible to get the prescription.

    The problems I see with traveling with a machine are either not having power at the site or the solar power generator getting enough juice through the day. I agree that you would definitely want to call beforehand. But do you know how much sunlight those generators need? I’m in the Pacific NW and there isn’t a lot of direct sunlight most of the year.

    I will bookmark this page and send it her way. Thanks again!

    1. It is good to hear you found this post beneficial Tina. My Dad has sleep apnea and he does not let it hinder him. I am sorry to hear your Mom stopped camping. I am glad to hear you plan to send this article to her. It will help her out.

      Yes, provent therapy is an excellent option to consider. It can really do a lot for her.

      I agree with you on the problems of traveling with a machine. Low sunlight does not really work well for solar panels on a camping trip. Since you are living in the Pacific NW, I recommend that you just go with a gas powered generator instead of solar. It will work better because of the low sunlight in the Pacific Northwest. You will be guaranteed power for the cpap machine. It is best to not go a night without a cpap machine while camping. I hope this helps you and your Mom.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  3. Great tips, Alex! I like that you included information about creating your own solar power. We try to camp often and always make sure to bring our portable solar units. They come in handy for all types of re-charging. If there’s a good sun spot, that’s an excellent idea for those with a cpap machine!

    1. I am glad to hear you benefited from the article Cris. Solar power is splendid to have on a camping trip. When you need to recharge, they do a great job. I definitely recommend them if you can afford one. They can make a difference for cpap machine camping.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  4. My son recently got a cpap machine, and he is an avid camper. I am so excited that you provided so many different options for him to use his cpap while camping. I didn’t even realize they sold those solar panels to charge your things like cell phones, etc. Sometimes they do camp where they hike and can’t bring any electricity with them.

    I didn’t realize he could rent a portable machine. That is a great option.

    Thanks for all the great info. I’m going to send this link to my son to check it out. It’s a great site.


    1. It is good to know your son got a cpap machine. It will be sure to help him camp. When you have sleep apnea, it is not the end of the world. You just have to live life a little differently is all.

      Yes, you are right about those solar panels. They have plenty of uses. If you need electricity, solar is the way to go.

      Renting is also another great option. It is a good alternative from outright buying a new machine.

      I appreciate the compliment Babs. Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  5. Excellent blog, Alex. 65 years old w/double bypass 9 years ago, COPD and Apnea, I should probably concern myself more about my health than I do, but your article about CPAP and hiking is like a breath of fresh air (no pun intended.)

    My wife and I are downsizing into a 25′ travel trailer, selling the house, giving away what furniture that we can’t sell, and heading out from PA to AK for the summer. You have armed me with peace of mind. I will be subscribing, and following. Again, thanks for your article.

    1. I appreciate the compliment Rod. My Dad is 67 so he is not too much older than you. I am glad to hear this article has given you a breath of fresh air (pun intended :D).

      Camping and traveling may seem more difficult when you have sleep apnea, but it also enables you to travel slower, allowing you to dive deep into the world around you and really enjoy life. When one of my readers says they felt much better after reading my article, I crack a smile. I am glad to hear you became a subscriber and follower. That is very kind of you.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

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