10 Inspirational Camping, Campsite, and Campground Photos

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If you are looking for some inspiration to get you off your feet and into the great outdoors, then you have come to the right place. In all of these pictures, you can be there too, partaking in the majesty and splendor of nature before your eyes. You will see fog swisher down the rocks and rivers wind through the countryside. When you read this article, 10 Inspirational Camping and Campground Photos, you will yearn for a better life, one where you can enjoy the outdoors right in your own backyard, so let’s jump right on into it.

1. Camping in the High Sierras of Yosemite

Nestled in the High Sierras with a warm cup of cocoa in hand, you emerge to a bright sunny day in the mountains. Many people think that Yosemite is quite overcrowded. It can be, but there are many spots in this national park where you can be sure to find seclusion and solace.

2. Denali National Park, a Must See in Alaska

Woah! Look at that mountain. It just springs forth from the earth like a jack-in-the-box, letting everyone know of its presence and demanding your attention. The mist rolls off the mountain like butter off a biscuit, seeping into the countryside below. The majesty of the ridge line caresses your eyes.

If you are looking for more incredible places like Denali National Park in the US, then you might want to check out my article on The Top 10 US Outdoor Bucket List Vacation Destinations. If you dream it, you can be there too. You will be moved to action just like in this article.

==> I Want to Head to a National Park <==

3. Wisconsin, an Underrated Gem

You may think there is not much to see in Wisconsin. But at Yosemite Lake State Park, you will be taken aback. That sunset is just incredible. The trees shower the earth with leaves, caking the ground in organic matter. When you step about, the ground crunches beneath you.

4. The Catherine River in Alpine National Park

In the highlands of Australia, you can find Alpine National Park. On an early morning, the fog lifts through the trees, mystifying the sky above and fueling your adventurous spirit for the day. Can you just imagine a nice, slow morning here? Ah! That would be magical. Nothing to worry about and you have all day to take your time.

5. Mount Olympus, Home to the Greek Gods

In Greece, you can find Mount Olympus, the palace of the Greek gods. You can tell why the ancient Greeks revered the mountain. It looks mystical. Mountains shoot out from the ground, jutting this way and that and mesmerizing the mind with their twists and turns. Cliffs sneak past and zig zag around. You take a deep breath and wander along the mountainside, captivated by what lies below.

6. Rauma, Finland, an Eastern European Delight

Though much of Finland is flat, that does not make the camping any less enjoyable. When Summer rolls around in this cold weather country, the days are long because of its location on the earth. A 16-hour day is not uncommon during the dog days of Summer. The sun rises like a newborn pup, full of energy and ready to explore the world.

7. Come to Nevada and See Spectacular Desert Sunsets

Despite what you may think, Nevada is not just about Las Vegas, the casinos, and all the other depravity you can find in the state. You can also see spectacular sunsets and natural splendor. The red earth taints the sky with its color, mixing with the the sun and vibrating the blue sky with a rainbow.

8. Moon Peak in India, Majestic Mountains Await

India has incredible mountain ranges. The rocks look like a serrated blade, crisscrossing this way and that and sloping up to a marvelous peak. Can you imagine standing atop that summit after a splendid expedition? Woah, that must be a satisfying feeling. After mountaineering for what seems like eons, you emerge at the top with a spectacular view. You deserve it for all the work you put in.

9. Refugio Otto Meiling, Argentina – Just Look at that View!

I don’t know about you, but Argentina is definitely on my bucket list. I can go salsa dancing in Buenos Aires one day and see Patagonia the next. Just look at that splendor. The wilderness just goes on and on. Each perspective is more different from the last one. The solitude must consume its visitors, turning a ten-day visitor into a would be hermit and resulting in profound life thoughts.

10. Relax on the Sands of Glen Canyon

After exploring some fantastic places, it feels good to kick back and sink your feet into the sand. The small rocks roll across your feet. If you get too hot, you can always take a dip in the lake right next to you. The sun soaks the skin, turning you tan and dozing you off into a deep therapeutic sleep. Crack open a cold one and take a sip because adventure does not hold back for anyone. You need this rest and relaxation big time.

Are You Going to Get Outside this Week?

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If you have any thoughts, questions, or think I missed anything, do not hesitate to comment below and please share the article. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

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10 Comments on “10 Inspirational Camping, Campsite, and Campground Photos”

  1. Oh all of these places look wonderful! I grew up camping, hiking and etc in Colorado and have such great memories. I love the desert scenery, so for me I think that camping in Nevada or Glen Canyon would be awesome! Great suggestions! I need to start planning for sure.

    1. It is good to know you feel that way Matt’s Mom. Colorado is just perfect for outdoor adventures.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  2. Wow Alex, you have some amazing places listed here. It really makes me want to get into the great outdoors again. Unfortunately, it’s been too long.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. You are right Cambell. These are some splendid places. Even if you have not got outside in a while, you still have the chance.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  3. This was a nice collection of beautiful photographs, and I agree that Wisconsin is overlooked.

    I was surprised you didn’t have Grand Marias, Minnesota on the list. Another breathtaking place is Mueller State Park in Colorado.

    1. I appreciate the compliment Drew. You are right about Wisconsin. I agree with you on that.

      Mueller State Park and Grand Marias sound like incredible places. I will have to check them out. I have never heard of them before you told me.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  4. I absolutely love camping. It is my favorite hobby of all time, being in nature, relaxing , watching the hypnotic flames of the fire, and getting away from all the stresses of the hectic lifestyles, stresses, and negativity we live among.

    Thank you for sharing this post and the amazing spots for camping. Wow, there are some beautiful places out there in the world. I will love to travel the world soon and visit all different kinds of places and this article has definitely added places to my bucket list.

    Again, thank you for sharing, have a great day and all the success, health and happiness that you desire, take care.

    Kind regards.


    1. It is splendid to hear you feel so positive about camping. That is excellent. I could not agree with you more that it really is an opportunity to get away.

      All these places are just excellent. If you enjoyed this article Dean, then you might want to check out my post on 10 Inspirational Camping and Hiking Quotes and Photos. It will be sure to remind you of the beauty outside. There is some very real wisdom in nature.

      I appreciate your generosity. It is very kind of you.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  5. Hi Alex. You should be proud. Great article, and yes it inspires me to want to get outside more often. It doesn’t seem to matter what country we are in. There is always somewhere spectacular to go to get away from it all. We are blessed to live in a world filled with so much beauty.

    I have not heard of alltrails.com so I will be checking them out to see what is available locally.

    Thanks for sharing these photos and for the inspiration.

    Kind regards,

    1. I appreciate the compliment Andrew. Wherever you are in the world, there is bound to be natural beauty near you.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

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