The 10 Best Rated Camping Tents of 2018

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It is good that you have decided to go camping, but an important part of the trip is the tent itself. Without a proper tent, you might as well be catching some Z’s under the stars in your sleeping bag. This article will help you find the tent that is just right for you. In this piece, The 10 Best Rated Camping Tents of 2018, you will find a tent that has been carefully researched and vetted, so you can rest well at night. Each of the ones listed here is unique in its own way to ensure you can sleep soundly under the night sky.

When you use a tent, I suggest you get a footprint or tarp to go along with it. Where the former will be sure to protect your tent no matter what as it is the perfect size, the latter offers inexpensive versatility. A tarp extends the life of your tent and is able to be used for a wide array of uses.

Also, be aware that there is no industry standard for the number of people who can fit inside a tent. One company varies from another, so you have to check the floor spacing to get an idea. Each views the issue differently.

Anyway, let’s get started.

Coleman Sundome 2-Person Dome Tent

Specs at a Glance

Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 4 (Length x Width x Height ft, 2.1 x 1.5 x 1.2 m)
polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet
Average setup time: 10 minutes
Colors: navy, green
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Footpring included?: no

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

By a wide margin, this is the most inexpensive two person tent you will find on the market today. It is light, portable, and durable. Its WaterTec system enables you to stay nice and dry even when you get a little water inside the tent. Even when it is raining outside, you stay dry. In short, it is waterproof. With large windows in the Summer, you can stay cool even when it is well into the 80s on those hot days. A cool breeze helps to keep your body at a comfortable temperature even when the weather is saying otherwise.

Surprisingly enough, this tent can fit a queen sized bed. It may seem like it is too small to do so, but it can. Did I mention the price? At under $50, this tent packs a high quality punch. You save money and can sleep well, making this tent an excellent option to consider.

It is also quite durable, handling up to 35 mph winds. While it won’t be able to handle high mountains, it will serve you well as a three season tent, holding up in the vast majority of weather you can expect to encounter. For a beginner, it offers ease of set up, so you can be protected from the elements in no time flat.

On Amazon, it is very well-received, averaging 4.5 stars out of over 1,500 reviews! You know you can trust a product when that many people have used it. People rave about its quality for the price. You get an incredible bang for the buck.

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Marmot Limestone 4 Person Tent

Specs at a Glance

Number of doors: 2
Seasons: 3 season
Weight: 11 lbs 11 oz (5.3 kg)
Dimensions: 100 x 86 x 61 inches (Length x Width x Height, 254 x 218 x 155 cm)
Material: polyester
Color: orange spice/arona
Footpring included?: no

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

If you are looking for an excellent four person camping tent, then this is one worth considering. A bit on the pricey side, Marmot offers a stupendous tent. You can sleep comfortable inside here with three other people. It also is waterproof, so you can stay plenty dry. The ventilation windows are large, so you get plenty of air flow to let the breeze in to cool you down at night. For any season other than Winter, this tent has got you covered. You will stay nice and comfortable despite the weather outside.

On REI’s website, it averages 4.8 stars out of only 18 reviews. While that may not be too many and you should think this through carefully, the vast majority of customers left the tent fantastic reviews.

I would say the biggest drawback to this tent is the price. It is a bit much considering the other tents you have as options. At the same time, Marmot delivers on the price. You get a high quality tent on the other side of the scale. The quality outweighs the cost.

With high vertical walls, you will be able to stand up in this tent as opposed to the others listed here. You have more head space. Because of its catenary-cut floor with straight edges, you get more floor space for your sleeping bag and other items you are bound to bring along with you. The entirety of the tent is seam taped, so you can be sure that there won’t be any leaks that cause rain or water to seep inside to get you wet.

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Gazelle Pop Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

Specs at a Glance

Colors: orange, green
Set up time: 90 seconds
Dimensions: 94 x 94 x 78 inches (Length x Width x Height, 239 x 239 x 198 cm)
Weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Stakes: 12
Doors: 2
Floor space: 61 square ft (5.6 square m)

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

This is probably the best four person tent you can buy. It is easy to transport, move around, and set up. You can be sleeping in this tent in no time flat. While I doubt you can get this tent up in 90 seconds on your first try, you can probably do it under two minutes. That says something about how easy it is to set up this tent. If you are a beginner or a professional who wants an easy tent, then this tent pops up in no time flat.

I would say the biggest downside to this tent is its weight. 30 lbs is pretty hefty in the world of camping, so you are probably not going backpacking with this tent. Because of its weight, I do not recommend you go on multi-day backpacking trips. You can spend multiple days camping with this tent without any problem. Just set it up and you can be good for the rest of your adventure.

They also put a lot of attention into one of the smallest items on a tent, the zippers. It may seem trivial and something you should forget about, but zippers matter. You do not want to be caught with your fly down. These zippers are meant to last. You can use them and not outright abuse them, but they can take a beating and hold up just fine. It sucks to be trying to sleep at night and you cannot even close your tent up because of the poor zippers.

On amazon, it averages 4.5 stars out of over 400 customer reviews. People like this tent. It is easy to set up and use.

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Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

Specs at a Glance

Colors: green, navy, dark room technology
Dimensions: 108 x 84 x 59 inches (274 x 213 x 150 cm)
Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg)

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

This is another splendid tent from Coleman. If you are looking for a solid four person tent, then you have found one. Compared to the other four person tents listed on this article, it is the least expensive. Coleman out competes everyone on price, really helping you to save your pocketbook a lot of money.

The tent comes with Coleman’s patented WaterTec technology designed to keep you nice and dry and keep the water well outside the tent. This tent can withstand 35 mph winds. So while it will not be able to handle the climb up to the top of Everest, it can hold its own through three seasons.

You might be wondering what the ‘dark room technology’ listed above means. In short, it keeps the inside of your tent dark. Hardly any light comes inside the tent, so you can have fun with your significant other or sleep in late without any problem.

The tent also comes with an ‘E-port’ that lets you bring a power cord into your tent to charge up all of your devices or to give you some indoor lighting. The tent is spacious enough to fit a queen sized bed, so you can be comfortable well into the night.

On Amazon, it averages 4.4 stars out of over 2,500 reviews, giving you plenty of customer testimonials to read. Given the number of positive reviews, you can trust this tent to do its job. You can sleep well at night and under some nice stars without any problem whatsoever. Consumers enjoy this tent.

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Browning Big Horn Two-Room Tent

Specs at a Glance

Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 7.25 feet (Width x Length x Height, 3 x 4.6 x 2.2 meters)
Weight: 34.6 lbs (16 kg)
Number of windows: 6
Number of doors: 2
Color: gray/black
Wall Divider?: yes

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

This is a big tent. You can stand up no sweat and walk around inside. That is not something you often find in tents. It is a bit on the pricey side at close to $350, but it is well worth the price you pay for it. If you are tall like me at 6′, then it can be difficult to be able to walk around inside a tent. Most tents are only for sleeping, but you can spend time inside with this tent at over 7′ tall at the highest point. That is sizable. If you are in the NBA, then you might want to consider this tent, so you do not bump your head inside your tent.

Down the center of the tent, you can find a divider that separates into two rooms. If you are a couple with kids who want to be close to the children but not too close, then this tent is worth considering. You can pop up in to break up a fight or invite them to your side to snuggle and hug.

The best thing going for this tent is its size. It is, well, over sized. You can fit up to 8 people in this tent, each sleeping side by side with plenty of room left over for gear and supplies.

It is also quite durable. On Amazon, it averages 4.3 stars out of over 280 customer reviews. One customer even said that it held up even in torrential hail, not even a light storm, but the full-blown call of nature level. You can really rely on this tent to handle all you throw at it.

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REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent

Specs at a Glance

Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 77 inches (Length x Width x Height, 381 x 254 x 196 cm)
Weight: 22.18 lbs (10 kg)
Seasons: 3
Number of doors: 2
Pole material: aluminum
Fabric: polyester
Footprint Included?: no

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

At well over $500, this tent is not cheap. The price punches your pocket book. Like the Browning Big Horn Two-Room Tent before it, this tent divides into two rooms at your will, so you can get that extra privacy from those guests you decided to bring along with you.

A cool feature about this tent is that it comes in a backpack carrying case. You pack it all up and throw it on your back, so you can carry it to and fro without any problem. It is designed to handle the rain. You can stay dry when the weather is moist outside. If you go camping with another couple, you can fit two full size air beds inside this tent with some room to spare. It will be a bit tight, but you can still be comfortable.

At REI, it averages 4.6 stars out of over 80 reviews, so there are plenty of people who have tried this tent in a wide variety of experiences. From what I read of the customer testimonials, the vast majority recommend this tent for others to use. You can use this tent safely knowing that it has performed well for other customers.

The best feature about this test is its spaciousness. There is plenty of room for you to spread out and lounge about. You can fit a big family inside or take up the entire tent as one person. With a big tent like this one, you have flexibility. If you do not like the mattress in one corner, you can move it around. You can set one part of the tent as the ‘dirty’ part and another as the ‘clean’ part. The tent offers options.

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Marmot Limelight 2 Person Tent with Footprint

Specs at a Glance

Seasons: 3
Weight: 5.6 lbs (2.5 kg)
Dimensions: 88 x 54 x 43 inches (224 x 137 x 109 cm)
Number of doors: 2
Number of poles: 3
Pole material: aluminum
Fabric material: polyester
Footprint included: yes
Color: cinder/rusted orange

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

This tent packs a punch for two. It is durable and sturdy, holding up well to all of nature’s elements. It can handle Spring, Summer, and Fall without any problems whatsoever (when the majority of people are camping anyway). You can sleep easy at night with this tent guarding you from all the rain and hail you can expect to be thrown at you. The tent offers plenty of ventilation to let in the breeze or let out the one you just let rip.

On REI’s website, it averages 4.2 stars out of over 50 reviews, making it a well-received product. You can read through dozens of customer testimonials to hear about the experience of a whole variety of people. The vast majority of customers recommend this product to the next person who buys it. You can get it without worry.

A downside to this tent is its size. It is a bit tight. That gives you flexibility though. You will not be having any problem with tent on a backpacking or camping trip. The ability to be a camping or backpacking tent comes with a small downside, a lack of specialization. It is only a bit heavy for a backpacking tent and just fine as a camping tent. Regardless though, you can take it on either. If you like camping and backpacking, this tent has got you covered.

The vertical walls provide you with ample space as opposed to most of the two person tents you can expect to find, giving you plenty of head space to think.

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CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Specs at a Glance

Set up time: 60 seconds
Room Divider?: yes
Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 6.5 feet (Length x Width x Height, 4.3 x 2.7 x 2 m)
Packed size: 48 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches (Length x Width x Height, 122 x 29 x 29 cm)
Fabric: polyester
Number of doors: 2
Occupancy: 9
Weight: 35.1 lbs (16 kg)

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

This is another splendid family camping tent. If you are part of a family of four, you will not have any problem fitting everyone inside this tent. In fact, you will be quite comfortable with plenty of room to spare. While this tent says it can fit 9 people, that is probably a stretch. Are we talking about nine teenage girls or nine fully grown men? There is a size difference we need to take into consideration. Still, though, it can fit comfortably well for a sizable group.

Because of its weight, this tent is only for camping. It will just be too heavy and cumbersome to take on a backpacking trip. The fact that it lists the set up time as 60 seconds is a stretch, but you can easily set up this tent in under two minutes without any problems. If you are a beginner or a seasoned professional who wants the easy camping life, then this tent is worth considering.

The location of the two doors is interesting. On the one hand, you get a large door that dominates one side of the tent. On the other hand though, both doors are on one side of the tent, so that means the people on either side of the tent divider have to go out one way. It is an important component of this tent to keep in mind as opposed to the other 8 and 9 person tents listed here.

On Amazon, it averages 4.4 stars at close to 500 customer testimonials. In other words, a whole variety of people have reviewed this product in a wide array of circumstances. There is probably a review on there that answers all of your concerns.

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Big Agnes Big House 6 Deluxe Tent

Specs at a Glance

Seasons: 3
Weight: 13.7 lbs (6.2 kg)
Number of doors: 2
Number of poles: 2
Pole material: aluminum
Dimensions: 112 x 96 x 78 inches (Length x Width x Height, 284 x 244 x 198 cm)
Fabric: polyester
Capacity: 6 people
Colors: gold/white, green print

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

Brought down to the size of a brief case, the Big Agnes Big House 6 is a solid tent. According to Big Agnes, the goal of this tent is a living room feel. While it is not as large as the 8 or 9 person behemoths you see in this article, it is still quite sizable. It can fit quite a lot people inside. At 78 inches tall, it can fit someone like me who is 6 ft, but not the pro NBA player unfortunately. I’m sorry LeBron.

One thing that separates Big Agnes from the other tent sellers on this list is the welcome mat. It may seem like a bit of an extra, but I think it is important to have on a tent. If there is no welcome mat, I often forget to wipe my feet before entering a home. The Big Agnes welcome mat reminds you to keep your tent clean. It also makes life a bit more positive.

It is also easy to set up. Because it is designed like a pop up, you won’t be scrambling to bring this tent off the ground. It is designed to be easy to get off the ground.

On REI’s website, it averages 4.1 stars out of 21 reviews. While it is not the highest number of reviews, they are still positive nevertheless. You can find a wide array of experiences with this tent that will be sure to give you an idea of what to expect when you test it out in the wild.

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MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent

Specs at a Glance

Weight: 13.81 lbs (6.3 kg)
Dimensions: 84 x 50 x 39 inches (Length x Width x Height, 213 x 127 x 99 cm)
Seasons: 3
Number of Doors: 2
Pole Material: aluminum
Fabric: ripstop nylon

Why Should You Consider this Tent?

This is a more serious camping tent. While it is designed for backpacking, that does not mean it should stop you from using it when camping. Compared to the other tents here, this one uses a different type of fabric, ripstop nylon. Most of the other tents just use polyester, but the ripstop nylon gives this tent an extra edge. You get a longer lasting tent that way. You get longevity, helping to make this tent versatile and durable.

On REI’s website, it averages 4.6 stars out of 350 reviews. That is quite a high rating. You will not find many tents with that rating. It just does not happen. People are happy with this tent. It delivers on its promises. It does come at a heftier price tag, but it is well worth the money. You get a high quality product and you can rest easy under the stars. The tent is a joy for campers.

One of the downsides to this tent is its sizing. It states that it can fit two people, but that is, of course, vague. You have to take your own height, weight, and comfort desirability into account.

Did I also mention that is quite light. You barely feel the extra weight as you carry to and fro. If you do not like the current location of your tent, just pick it up and move it. The weight is hardly noticeable. It is ultralight. Not only that, but the tent is also easy to set up. Most customers said they could set it up in about 5 minutes and bring it down in well under 10. You get your money’s worth with this tent. It is built to last.

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Final Thoughts to Send You on Your Way

Well you should have plenty of tent options to choose from now. I wish I had a list like this when I was considering tents. I just went to the store and asked the expert. Otherwise, you can expect to have a splendid time outdoors. Adventure awaits you. The breeze calms your anxiety. The trees shift and sway in the wind. The water soothes the senses. You need a good camping trip. With a proper tent in your gear repertoire, you should be all set to go.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or think I missed anything, do not hesitate to comment below and please share the article. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

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14 Comments on “The 10 Best Rated Camping Tents of 2018”

  1. Hi Alex, I am shopping around for a 1 person tent. I have been looking at the single MSR Hubba single and it seems to tick the boxes for features and, most importantly, weight since it will mostly be used for cycle touring. Do you have any other recommendations or would that be a solid choice?

    1. I am glad to hear you have been looking around for a tent Vaughn. The one you are looking at now should be just fine for your purposes. It will do a splendid job.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  2. Awesome Alex! I love the “Specs at a Glance” that you provide for each tent. Makes it quick for me to identify what I’m looking for! I’m curious, what’s your most recommended tent company? Like one you personally use frequently? Thanks for the great stuff!

    1. I appreciate the compliment. Specs at a Glance really help people to get an idea of everything overall about a tent. Right now, I just have a Coleman 2 person tent because it is light weight and inexpensive. It’s hard to afford the tent of your dreams as a university student.

      Down the road though, I want to get an MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent. MSR is a reliable brand. It is a bit on the expensive side, but these tents are made for life. I hope this helps you.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  3. I like the Gazelle Pop Up Portable Tent but it is a bit heavy. However I think that will not be a problem for my brother. He can carry it all the way. With that being said, when you consider the materials how is the quality price ratio of the tent?

    1. I am glad to hear you like the Gazelle Pop Up Portable tent. They are a bit heavy, but they come up quick and hold their own. Haha! That is funny, making your brother carry the tent the whole way. That is some sibling love right there. I can be that way with my sisters.

      In response to your question, I would say the quality to price ratio is quite high. You get a good tent for the price you pay. It will last you a long time and the customer testimonials have been nothing but splendid. I hope this helps you.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  4. Alex,

    This is a great post! I love the flow of information and the description of each tent. I really didn’t know much about the different styles of tents and what their capabilities were, let alone the number of “doors” that tents have :-). These tents are a campers dream. I haven’t done much camping since I left the military but I am so ready to go back on an adventure especially after reading this article.

    My favorite is the Coleman Sundome 2-Person Dome Tent – now to convince my wife to join me :-).

    All the best,


    1. I appreciate the compliment Rayon. It is good to know you enjoyed the structure of the article. It is good to know you plan to go camping with your wife. I have a Coleman Sundome 2 Person tent too. It is splendid if you are on a budget.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  5. So many great choices. And what an awesome job you’ve done of researching for me. Honestly I would just go to the store and buy whatever the suggest. But, now we can choose from your list and stay home and shop online. A Lol
    Blessings Scarlett

    1. Yes, there are many choices Scarlett. I appreciate the compliment on my article’s organization. You should be just about set to make your decision.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  6. Hello Alex,

    I love the outdoors, and I love your website. Thank you for taking the time to go into detail, from checklists to reviews, I found this information excellent. I am already more prepared to tackle the wild just from one visit to your website.

    Along with the gorgeous photos, I especially liked your tent reviews or the ” why should you consider this tent?” section. I found this information very useful, with so many options to choose from.

    I am planning a trip to Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon. I will definitely plan more visits to this site before I go.

    Thank You,

    1. I appreciate the compliment. It is always nice to hear about others who adore the outdoors. It is just a splendid atmosphere. Nature is wonderful.

      It is good to know you enjoyed the structure of the article. You should now have plenty to choose from. It is nice to hear you plan to travel to the Grand Canyon. I went there when I was quite young and I do not remember it, so I will have to go there again in the future.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  7. Hello Alex,

    This is a lot of very helpful information on different varieties of tents. I’m especially interested in the Gazelle Pop Up Portable Camping Hub Tent! I think the “90 second setup time” is what grabbed my attention to it.

    My boyfriend and I like a lightweight tent, but one that is large enough to use our blow up mattress. Blow up mattresses are not very light, so we usually don’t go hiking when we plan to camp out, unless it is after we have set up camp already. LOL. I like the fact that it has two doors as well.

    Have you actually seen this tent set up or do you know someone who has use one like it?

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the article Devara. The Gazelle Pop Up Hub tent is appealing to a lot of people because of its short set up time. I know that’s what drew my attention to it.

      It is good to know you like lightweight tents. One that can fit an air mattress is ideal. Yes, I have seen a tent with an air mattress set up inside. Your best bet will be to look at one of the four person tent or one larger. Each of the tents listed here gives you the length and width. You should then compare it to the length and width of your air mattress. If the tent’s ground space is larger than your air mattress, then the tent can fit an air mattress. I hope this helps you.

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

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